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Staff Training and Development – during and after COVID-19

First off may we express our sadness and condolences to those of you who have lost a loved one during this time. These are painful times for many. We are also mindful of others who are anxious due to job losses, loss of businesses and income stream. To those in Essential Services, who are putting yourselves and your families at risk, we salute you and hope that you are rewarded in many seen and unseen ways over the coming years. God bless you.

At times like these the best and sometimes sadly the worst of people come into sharp focus. I love the way many are showing those ‘acts of kindness’ that our Prime Minister is encouraging. The many positive messages, encouraging testimonies and songs that people are sharing online are also amazing. I’m not a great ‘passer-on’ of online/social media offerings, but some seem just too good to keep to oneself

During my time in the corporate world I have been fortunate to have worked for companies who put a high priority on training. I have never been asked, even during tough times, to pull the plug on our training plans. I know many of my Learning and Development colleagues have not been so fortunate, where people have been pulled out of training courses to attend to ‘matters more pressing’. The lockdown has meant we have had to put a hold on face to face training and I believe it’s the right move. I for one am not going to return to normal with public workshops too soon after the lockdown is lifted. I want to be certain that there is no risk to those attending, to our venue and to ourselves. I am also mindful that a lot of organisations will want to get up and running with their businesses before committing to people being off the job. On the other hand, there may be some who feel that it is a good time to re-train as a result of reorganisation and reassigning of people. There will be all sorts of challenges and I’m sure that staff development will be one of the many options when getting back to business. We will certainly be ready to assist if we are able to.

As a last thought, I hope that some of you working from home have had time to take advantage of the many online learning offerings available. Some will be pursuing anything from educational studies through to skills for the workplace and even kick-starting that stalled hobby or interest – playing that guitar gathering dust in the corner, learning to sketch, baking bread, etc. At this point in time we don’t have any of our material on-line, although we are working on it. I am happy however to discuss any thoughts you have and to share or explore helpful online articles or websites that could suit your needs.
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