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Checking that behaviour has changed after attending training

If we attend a training course, or send someone on a course, it is reasonable to expect that performance on some aspect of the job will change, in line with the new skills or knowledge learned. Checking that this is the case is commonly referred to as level 3 evaluation. It’s easy enough to ask a person after the course “what did you learn?”, or even “what are you going to do differently?”, but it’s a bit harder to put something more robust in place to check the behaviour change. It requires a bit of planning and managing. But if you have the will to do it, and are skilled at getting peoples cooperation, it need not be that hard. There are a range of things you can do, some more thorough and time consuming than others, but if you have not done something before and you just need a simple starting point, I am cutting and pasting a response I gave to someone else’s blog, where the question was asked “Looking for easy and innovative ways to evaluate transfer of learning”

Sixteen people responded. This was my response, I hope that it is helpful for some of you - “How about designing a simple one page form that the persons manager gives to the participant before or after attending the course. At this time they arrange for a meeting at an agreed date, say two or three months later. The form will list each of the competencies/outcomes expected from the course with tick boxes to the side - achieved, applied but need coaching, no opportunity yet. Under each outcome would then be a space to give examples of achievement/make comments. There would be a space at the bottom for the manager to comment, including commitment to coach or provide further opportunities to show competency.”

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