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Secure Websites

Have you ever wondered what the little lock is, next to a websites web address? If you look there right now you will see the lock and depending on your browser it may be green and have the word ‘secure’. (If you don’t see it, refresh your page)

The lock and the https designation indicate we have a SSL certificate and HTTPS connection. In simple terms this means all communications between your browser and our site are securely encrypted. This would be vital if you were parting with your credit card info (which you aren’t 😃) but in any event, any information we share is safe.

We are told that from July this year Google Chrome will be marking a website as “Not Secure” if it is not protected with a SSL certificate. Having said that, I have just clicked on a little information icon, on a site without SSL, and a warning popped up that my connection to that site was ‘not secure’. It goes on to warn that I should not enter any sensitive information. So there you have it. If you are a small business owner and don’t yet have the lock icon that represents a secure website, it may be in your interest to talk with your web host. I would be happy to share my layman web enthusiast perspectives if you would like to chat.

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