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Opening Keynote v5 files when you have keynote v6

This is rather an unusual blog for me to write. I am doing so in the hope that I may be able to help someone who has the same problem. This will only be relevant to those who work on mac computers. The frustration is as follows - You have upgraded your computer and it comes with ‘Keynote’ for developing your training presentations. (My current version is 6.5.3) You go to open one of your keynote slide presentations that you developed on your old computer still sitting at keynote version 5, which was part of the iWork’s 09 suite. You find that it gives you a message that v6 cannot open v5 keynotes and you must first open in v5 then save it and it will open in v6. But here’s the thing, you no longer have a computer with version 5 and when you search the web you can’t find it anywhere, certainly not from the apple website. Searching for a solution on the internet you find suggestions that if you upgraded to Keynote 6, version 5 will still sit on your computer under a file called iWork 09. This does not help however if it’s a new computer and you wiped your old computer before selling it. The next thing people suggest is to purchase an iWork 09 cd from eBay. This is one solution, but most people feel aggravated that they have to pay for a solution.

There is another solution and it’s free. Download a trial version of iWork’s 09 from the web, open your keynote in keynote 5 (I personally duplicate my keynote presentations before doing this, in case anything goes wrong) save it then open in keynote 6.5. Some kind of conversion happens, especially if you have movie clips within your Keynote, as I do. Sometimes a movie clip does not convert successfully and you have to convert it yourself in another format before bringing it into Keynote 6

It’s not always easy to find a software website that still has a copy of iWork 09. Softonic for example appears to have, but when you start the process it turns out that its keynote 6.5. I found iWork 09 on Softpedia.
Can you trust that you are not getting malware, adware or any other ware from such a site? Well, doing a search on the web suggests that you must use such download sites with caution, but generally people seem to think it depends on what type of software you are downloading. As for me, I downloaded iWork 09 (trial version) successfully, but I caution you to make an informed decision after considering what other people have to say. I gained some degree of confidence from reading a Norton Security report giving the thumbs up to Softpedia. Another thing to be careful of when downloading from such a site, is not to be distracted by buttons that lead you to download something else other than what you are wanting. Follow these steps and you shouldn’t go wrong, so long as nothing has changed from when I did this -

1. Open the correct page in Softpedia by going to http://mac.softpedia.com/get/Business/Apple-iWork-06.shtml

2. Click on DOWNLOAD NOW


3. This is where you could go wrong. You would think that the next step would be to click on the download button.
You will end up downloading some software that you don’t want. Its these kind of things that make people distrust downloading from this type of site.
What you should do now is to click on the banner that says External Mirror 1 (I never tried the Softpedia Secure Download because I am not in the US) The normal download process will happen, as you will know from any software that you download when working on a mac, and you open it in the same way.

I hope that this helps somebody else who has had the same frustration when trying to open a Keynote 5 (iWork’s 09) file with keynote 6. Whilst I am sure that things will go as planned for you, I obviously leave this entirely to your judgment and can accept no liability if anything goes wrong for you. For those who are used to finding and downloading software from sites such as Softpedia you will easily relate to what I have said above.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, alternative ideas and experiences.


New Website

It's been a while since I sat down and penned a blog entry. It's also been a while since I developed our first website. Between then and now much has changed on the internet front, in particular the use of mobile devices to view web pages. So here it is at last, the new mobile-friendly website for Leading Edge Training Solutions (or LETStrain as our logo suggests). The pictures on the site have all been taken by one of us and are significant in some way. For example the butterflies emerging from their cocoons signifying transformation and the lighthouses signifying guidance and illumination. The first person to identify the site of each of the 3 lighthouses can attend one of our one or two day public courses for free, or receive 50% discount for attending IMPACT! (clue – they are in different countries)