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Computer based tools for Trainers

In our IMPACT! training for trainers course we discuss and demonstrate some of the multi-sensory tools that trainers have at their disposal. Given the time we have for this section, we hardy touch sides, there are so many possibilities out there. Despite the detractors who (rightly so) warn against ‘death by powerpoint’, Powerpoint (and in my case Keynote) remains the number 1 ‘go-to’ tool for the trainers in my courses.

So I was interested to find an article (on a google search of course) where Jane Hart compiled the Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2015 from the votes of over 2,000 learning professionals worldwide. I suggest you follow the link to her website where you can explore all 100. I discovered that I personally use 7 of the top 10, which I list here.

1. Twitter - nope, I must confess that I’m not into twitter. 2. YouTube - yes, it’s a rich source of short video clips that can add value to a data show. 3. Google search - what can I say, a rich source of information and more. 4. Google Docs - no, I use the Microsoft and Apple suite of tools to generate course material. 5. Powerpoint - well yes, but being an Apple fan I most usually use Keynote, unless I leave a client with a complete training module, in which case I customise it in Powerpoint. 6. Dropbox - yes very useful for transferring large files and sets of pictures to my learners. 7. Facebook - well yes we do have a Facebook page, please go in and
Like, if you like us that is Winking 8. WordPress - well no, we develop our website (this one) in Rapidweaver which we are really happy with and it’s great for Mac users. 9. Skype - yes, when I travel Skype is a great way to keep in touch with clients. I guess it could also be used to communicate with learners but so far I have found that we are able to communicate well via emails when I am away. 10. Evernote - Yes its now my go-to app for recording information that I may want to access on my computer and my phone.

I’m interested that Prezi came in at number 11. We talk about it and I demonstrate its use on our ‘train the trainer’ courses but I have yet to find someone who comes into the course having used it. I am aware of one of my learners (my son Happy ) who went away inspired and used it to good effect within an important presentation he had to make.

What are your top go-to training/learning tools? It would be great to get further input into tried and tested tools and their application.

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