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Training for Computer Software Trainers

Many trainers get to become trainers because they are good at the subject they are training. This is often the case with training of technical skills, and would be true of computer software. Some people are naturals when it comes to coaching and encouraging others. Some are not. Whether you are a natural teacher or if learners ‘try your patience’, learning the principles of adult learning and the tools of the trainer will go a long way to helping you enjoy the teaching experience. You will also achieve the satisfaction of a good learning outcome.

We recently had an opportunity to combine the skills and material we have running ‘train the trainer’ courses, with the experience some of us have of teaching computer literacy. The outcome has been a ‘train the trainer course for computer software trainers’. The course has been refined over several months of application and we now have a product that is ‘tailor made’ for those who, on a full time basis or as part of their regular functions, impart their computer software skills to others. We welcome enquiries as to how we can work with your Organisation, or for the possibility of a pubic course.

For details of the learning outcomes for this course follow this link.